Miniature (5CL) Elderflower Gin Liqueur

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Use this elderflower gin liqueur to make an El-bellini in your prosecco or in sparkling water with a slice of lemon, a few grapefruit segments and some crushed ice.

Try it neat. Chill it way down low in the icebox and take it in a shot glass with a Lemon meringue,  simply divine with a lemon cheesecake or another citrus desert.

Vanilla ice cream in a puddle of Rose Cottage Elderflower liqueur.

Try it 50:50 with Champagne or Prosecco! or for the dainty a girly splash will do the trick!

Or try 70:30 with soda or sparkling water in a tall glass for a gin spritzer that will take you through a summer afternoon. Sharpen it with a splash of grapefruit, or twist of lime!